You're Codependent: How To Stop Worrying and Love Yourself (2020 UPDATE) (Codependency, Enabling, Healthy Relationships Book 1)

You're Codependent: How To Stop Worrying and Love Yourself (2020 UPDATE) (Codependency, Enabling, Healthy Relationships Book 1)
: Maggie Thompson
: Happiness Way, LLC
: 92
: Non Fiction : General
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Do you ever feel like you are TOO nice? Do you ever feel like you can't say what you want to in your relationship?

Perhaps the root of your struggles lies within your co-dependent relationship. Many of us today feel that helping our loved one get what they want will make them happy, and in return make us happier. Although, we as people who are codependent often forget to LOVE OURSELVES. We constantly WORRY if other people are happy. We are considered TOO NICE, and let people step over our boundaries.

In the process, we also end up realizing that our dependency is so strong that it is impossible to breathe without the other. Often, even after the partner gets professional help the co-dependent is left to pick up the pieces for the rest of his/her life. If you find yourself in such a relationship, the answers you need lie in the pages of this book.

Here you’ll find tools to resolve issues of co-dependency for both you and your partner. This book aims to provide professional help for the co-dependents through real-life examples, incidents, techniques, resolutions and solutions to heal yourselves and your relationships properly.

I myself have been a partner in co-dependent relationships and have struggled through misguided attempts to resolve my relationship problems. It is because of this that I have attempted to put together this book to guide you down the healing path.

I hope that through my experiences you will learn what is needed to escape the co-dependent cycle and move beyond the meaningless relationships of the past where the tendency to enable our partners destructive habits places us in a position of emotional servitude. I wish each and every one of you to find the love for yourself that allows you to become a healthy loving partner in the future.

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