Twist of Love

Twist of Love
: Paige Powers
: 125
: Fiction : Romance
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Dr. Josie Steele is a respected doctor at Lenora General Hospital, and she has spent most of her young adult life tending to the patients there. The doctor has recently suffered a major heartbreak in her life, with the separation and divorce from her husband, Trevor.

Trevor left her for another woman, but it was made even more painful, as the other woman was Josie's best friend. After the separation, Josie focuses on life as a very busy single doctor.

Her life changes after she helps an elderly woman recover from a near-fatal heart attack. The woman's son, Blake Ingram, is an English teacher at the local high school and has a reputation for breaking hearts. He pursues Josie and tries to win her heart. At first, Josie is skeptical about Blake's advances. She even tries to reject him outright. But Blake's persistence eventually pays off and, after several dates, they become an item. Blake shows her a side she thought she had lost with the divorce and they are happy for some time.

One of Josie's co-workers warns Josie of Blake's heartbreaker reputation. Josie takes the bad gossip about Blake very seriously, and suddenly dumps him. She refuses to reply to his texts and calls, and tries to avoid him. Blake tracks her down and demands an answer for her sudden change of behavior. Josie tells him about her ex-husband and the two part ways.

Only a few weeks into the breakup, Josie starts to miss Blake. Her work suffers because of her sad feelings. Eventually, she decides to try to get back to him by making presentations in his school. The presentations are geared toward encouraging students to take up medicine, but also to somehow bump into Blake. What will Josie find out about Blake at the school? Will they ever be able to get back together again? Will Josie find the remedy for loneliness that haunts her in her deepest, darkest hour?

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