Gemstone Wyverns

Gemstone Wyverns
: Scott Michael Decker
: Creativia
: 216
: Fiction : General
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Captivating epic fantasy adventure from Scott Michael Decker, author of The Peasant.

Under Guardian William's rule, the people of Alsace huddle in castles, dreading the next attack of the Gemstone Wyverns. After one of the wyverns steals the diamond belonging to the next king, Josh Wyrmherd faces the accusation of aiding the drake, and becomes an exile.

With his friend Alyson, they search for the diamond and make their way to a mountaintop eyrie where thousands of wyverns nest.

The two soon learn that humans and wyverns did not always live apart. With Alyson at his side, Josh embarks on a journey that will change their lives and shape the future of the whole kingdom.

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