The Convenience of Lies

The Convenience of Lies
: K.A. Castillo
: Creativia
: 191
: Fiction : General
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Always unpopular and a misfit, Mackenzie Fairbanks gets a chance to start over when she moves to a new town. Finding an unlikely friend in the Russian girl Kira, they quickly become best friends.

When Kira goes to Russia for a holiday, Mackenzie vows to finally get the bad boy, Ramon, to notice her... And he does. As the sparks begin to fly and Mackenzie finds her place, Kira's return from vacation brings about new challenges for the girls.

Suddenly, Kira and Mackenzie get entangled in a mystery involving several acts of vandalism. Mackenzie knows that the culprit is closer than she ever imagined, and it's up to her to decide what's more important: her friend or her heart. Can she find the truth within the lies without losing everything she ever wanted?

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