100 Great Ways To Be 100%: 4 Book Bundle (100% Active, 100% Focused, 100% Organized, 100% Productive.) (How To Be 100% 5)

100 Great Ways To Be 100%: 4 Book Bundle (100% Active, 100% Focused, 100% Organized, 100% Productive.) (How To Be 100% 5)
: John Morgan
: 199
: Non Fiction : General
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100% Active! 25 Great Ways To Defeat Laziness And Procrastination!

"ultimate guide for Professionals." - Stacy Rivera

"I recommend it to anyone looking for motivation and more organization and production in their lives." - magfan

"This book encourages you to dig deep" - Kindle Customer

100% Focused! 25 Great Ways To Improve Your Focus And Concentration!

"This book is what I recommend if you want Robin Hood like focus in your ability to perform your tasks." - Terence C.

"25 Very Excellent Tips" - E.P. Huffington

"This is a great resource for collection of many different concentration exercises" - Mark Philip

"100% Focused has some unbelievably great suggestions on how to Improve your focus!" - Jolyn Clark

"A good book, especially for parents to give their kids on their way to college or their first jobs." - D.A.M,

"Extremely Practical Book - 100% Focused!" - Charlie Finn

"It is a good read, with practical tips at the end of each chapter." - MartinaJ

"Thanks :)" - Amazon Customer

"Omg I just loved this book. So many amazing and helpful tips. I highly recommend and I will use the recommendations from the book." - Le Magicien.

"Excellent book!!!!" - Teresa Wheeler

"My husband enjoyed this book" - Amazon Customer

"This book is an easy read which I highly recommend for any one who is serious about making positive changes in their life." - Déjà

"This book is off the charts!" - Alexis

"Very Good Tips" - J. Cross

"I found this book very useful." - Veasna Mam

"Everytime I pick it up I learn something. Well written, helpful and fun!!" - Terrylu

"Great read." - Mr Dave

"Excellent book" - mahamud ajab

"Excellent product. Excellent service!!" - Dee Inc

"Excellent Suggestions and Tools" - Michael Boyd

100% Organized! 25 Great Ways to Become More Organized and Effective!

"Great read, extremely informative" - C. Ingram

"This book is the best guide of its kind that I know of" - Sunshine Amira

"Effective, Indeed" - Judith Patchell

"Highly recommended." - Alayne Liazey Moigx

"This book is in excellent condition" - Dani M

"The tips from this book helped me so much" - Happy Valley

"This is a great book on organization" - J. W. M.

"It already started working for me, try it and you'll find it working for you too" - Stacy Rivera

"Becoming organized is a difficult goal. This book makes it simple" - Kindle Customer

100% Productive! 25 Great Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder!

"This book will help you become more productive and achieve a lot more in less time." - Max

"Read this book closely and you will benefit greatly!" - Brad Mayo

"Excellent tools outlined. If the tools are put into action, success is inevitable." - Jennifer Hamilton

"Informative tips on how to develop as an employee and manager" - Robert Acquesta

"I must say that this book really helped me out, big time." - Mandus

"Excellent book! Highly recommend!" - magfan

"Powerful Tips" - Gina Hall

"highly recommended" - Dee K.

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