A Cozy Christmas: A Cozy Mystery Collection

A Cozy Christmas: A Cozy Mystery Collection
: Melanie Jackson
: Brian Jackson
: 104
: Fiction : Mystery
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When Santa’s visit to the Gulch is called off due to a bad storm Butterscotch Jones has to step in and save Ricky’s Christmas. While Butterscotch is busy in Manitoba, Miss Henry is in Quebec. She is trying to drum up some Christmas spirit while hunting for a missing lawyer. Nicodemus Smith has her hands full tracking down a lost philanthropist who fancies himself to be Santa Claus, and Jane Blackthorn is going her best to cope with a plum pudding thief who is vexing her first Christmas in merry olde England. While Kenneth Mayhew tries to restore order at the Mayhem Mansion revels, Chloe Boston gets some shocking news that will forever change her life, and Tess MacKay is facing some very strange goings on at Wendover House on Christmas Eve.

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