Evernote App Solution For Time Management: Master Evernote Overnight, Skyrocket Productivity And Get Things Done (The Ultimate Self Series Book 2)

Evernote App Solution For Time Management: Master Evernote Overnight, Skyrocket Productivity And Get Things Done (The Ultimate Self Series Book 2)
: Micheal Moran
: Larger Than Life Publishing
: 44
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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Evernote App Solution

Do You Have Problems Getting Organized Or Just Getting Things Done?

Do You Have Way Too Much On Your Plate, Forgetting Important Dates, and Always Feeling a Little Overwhelmed?

It’s actually not that difficult to solve all these problems if you have the right tools...

Evernote Is What You’ve Been Waiting For!

“This book is an excellent resource for learning about Evernote. I come back to it often while I am working in Evernote. It is a great reference guide and I can't wait for the next version.“ – Cheryl

“Evernote can do a lot, but that makes it easy to get overwhelmed. This book helped me start using it wisely." – Amazon Customer

“Micheal Moran does an awesome job introducing you to the nuts and bolts of Evernote, even as a long time user I learnt a few things. Plus, I'm confident I'll stay up to date as Evernote App adds functionality, with the free updates from Micheal.” - Ralph

I always felt that I'd never get organized and that my life would forever be a mess. I used to use the traditional filling cabinet system to keep everything organized and it worked great.

The problem was an insane amount of clutter that built up and not being able to maintain that clutter. Staying on top of that maintenance didn't last and it wasn't long before I stopped using the cabinet all together.

My life became a mess all over again. I was like Humpty Dumpty falling of the wall. Then a friend of mine introduced me this book. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, Evernote App put me back together again.

It Will Do The Same For You…

With Evernote, you’ll skyrocket your productivity and be getting things done like a machine.

Write, Collect, Find & Present

In ‘Evernote App Solution’ you’ll learn how to make Evernote the workspace for your life’s work. This book is jam-packed with tips, tricks and even photo examples to truly make mastering Evernote a breeze.

You will learn:

-The Benefits of Evernote
- How To Get Organized FAST!
-Basic Features Such As: Notebooks, Tags, Stacks & Locating Your Notes
- Why Tagging is So Important
-How To Select The Best Service For You
- To Pay or Not to Pay For Evernote Premium? (Personally I use the free version)
-The Best Way To Get Started
- Additional Elements of the Evernote Suite
-Putting Evernote to Work For You
- Plus Much Much More…

For Everything You’ll Do, Evernote Is The Workspace To Get It Done

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Why Should You Buy My Book?

New Evernote users spend several hours or days watching outdated video and searching the web — just to figure out the best ways to use

Everything I've laid for you out in this book has been stripped away from the extra stuff I had to read and then brought back together in a simple way to provide you with not only the easiest, but the best readable form you could imagine.

I was able to do all the research for you, go the extra mile and bring back this superb book that boils it down to the nitty gritty - just how you ordered it.

If you wish you could change your ways, become organized, and skyrocket your productivity, then ‘Evernote App Solution’ is for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the book now and learn everything there is to know about Evernote. I take you through the most valuable information in this simple, easy to follow guide.

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