The Realtor Guide to Probate Success

The Realtor Guide to Probate Success
: Barry KuKes
: 40
: Non Fiction : Business
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Every real estate agent or broker (depending on the state in which you practice) all have one challenge in common; where are they going to get their next sale? Traditional methods of finding buyers and sellers such as contacting FSBO owners, “farming” specific neighborhoods, hosting open houses, and pursuing “Expired” listings can be successful, however, are often very competitive and can leave agents weary. One avenue that remains constant and viable is estate-related properties that are in probate, many of which are sold in the first 6-12 months after the owner passes.
As of this writing, probate is going to be the next hot market segment for real estate brokers, agents and agencies. A few years ago foreclosures, bank owned properties and short sales were all the rage because the housing market took a major hit beginning in 2006 and most available inventory came with a stigma related to the collapse of the market. Now that the housing market is on the mend and short sales are not nearly as plentiful as they once were, the smart real estate agent is looking for the next big thing.

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