The Easterling (The Legends of Avalyne Book 2)

The Easterling (The Legends of Avalyne Book 2)
: Linda Thackeray
: Creativia
: 276
: Fiction : General
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In a dream, Watch Guard Melia hears her mother screaming.

When she sets out to find her, the elf Prince Aeron joins to guide her across his homeland. They are heading for Tor Iolan: the abandoned fortress where Disciples of the Shadow Lord tortured and maimed innocents for the sake of their master.

Within its cruel walls, Melia hopes to find truth about her past, while pondering a future with a prince who has yet to learn that falling for a mortal may cost him more than a broken heart.

This is a tale of darkness, romance and loss, where Melia and Aeron face the reality that sometimes love may not be enough, and sacrifice may be the only course left to them.

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