DARK EDGE: Prequel to the COIL Series

DARK EDGE: Prequel to the COIL Series
: D.I. Telbat
: 57
: Fiction : Mystery
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In Dark Edge, Prequel to the COIL Series, Christian suspense by D.I. Telbat, we find an international thriller providing background to Corban Dowler and the COIL Organization.

CIA Agent Corban Dowler has refused a kill order, therefore he is sanctioned for assassination by the very agency he has worked with for years. As Corban runs for his life, he must cut all ties and even abandon his wife in order to keep her alive. His new relationship with Jesus Christ may cost him everything . . .

But Corban has a plan. He knows God's persecuted need his specialized skills, so he follows a lead to India, though poisonous clutches and a German hit squad are close behind. Disguised as a bearded Muslim weapons smuggler, Corban initiates a rescue in the midst of millions of Hindus participating in the Ganges River bathing festival.

We also meet first-recruit ex-Mossad Agent Chloe Azmaveth and her husband as they brainstorm with Corban about a new organization to serve God's people worldwide.

With Bonus Chapter One of Dark Liaison, Book One in the COIL Series, and cover art by Streetlight Graphics, Dark Edge will not disappoint as you follow the founder of COIL to the Edge of darkness. And we learn again, there is no redemption without sacrifice . . .

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