Top 50 Most Delicious Empanada Recipes (Recipe Top 50's Book 30)

Top 50 Most Delicious Empanada Recipes (Recipe Top 50's Book 30)
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*Updated Aug 14, 2014: Added an extra empanada dough recipe*

An empanada is also called 'pastel' in Brazil and 'pate' in Haiti. You can find empanadas
throughout Central- and South-America from Jamaica to Argentina. Even though the shapes
and names aren't always the same and the ingredients vary, they always taste delicious!
Fried, baked, and vegetarian empanadas, even empanada recipes for dessert are included.
Such variety! And every one of them tastes so good! Explore the amazing world of
empanadas and discover the deliciousness hidden within the pastry.

Easy to follow steps so anyone can make and enjoy them!

Each of the recipes have easy to follow steps allowing anyone to make them in no time at all.

Tried, Tested and SO GOOD!

These recipes have all been tried out by us and we LOVE each and every one of them.
So what are you waiting for?! Get to it and satisfy your empanada cravings!

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