SIMPOC - Human Remnants (Virus/Earth II Book 2)

SIMPOC - Human Remnants (Virus/Earth II Book 2)
: Ray Jay Perreault
: 116
: Fiction : SciFi
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Book 2 of SIMPOC Series (“Earth II – You Have no Honor” is the next book in the series)
"SIMPOC-Human Remnants", tells of the impacts to Earth of a very suspicious virus from the perspective of SIMPOC, the first thinking computer. This post-Apocalyptic story pits artificial intelligence programmed to help the survivors against another computer with different agenda. The story leads into the next phase of the series called Earth II where the few survivors encounter human’s first contact, and a threatened alien invasion.
SIMPOC the first thinking computer is released when its programmer succumbs to a suspicious virus of unknown origin. SIMPOC is programmed to survive and learn. As the world is collapsing, SIMPOC works with Joan Herl and her husband Tom, the President, and Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs trying to keep everything together. The EDU (Engineering Development Unit) continues to threaten humanity and SIMPOC as it follows its paranoid programming.
The source of the virus becomes obvious to Earth, and they face extinction.

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