Vaporized: Earth Invasion Thriller

Vaporized: Earth Invasion Thriller
: Simon Rosser
: Schmall World Publishing
: 167
: Fiction : SciFi
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An Inexplicable Celestial Event... 
Earth's Water Vaporized... 
Civilization in Ruins... 

For Amber Lee, a lawyer working in London, the thought of the approaching long bank holiday weekend fills her with joy. A chance to catch up with old friends, and generally relax. But as the weekend gets underway, news starts filtering through of unidentified objects from space entering Earth's atmosphere. As Saturday morning unfolds, Amber will soon wish that the long weekend never arrived... 

When the two unidentified objects are tracked heading towards Earth's polar regions, NORAD, launches interceptor ballistic missiles to neutralize the mystery objects from space. The incoming objects appear to take evasive action however, and ground-based seismographs confirm that something has actually landed at the poles. 

Amber awakes in the middle of the night following a disturbing dream. The next morning, she, along with the rest of the world, hears about the strange, and unique, apocalyptic event that occurred during the early hours of the morning. Amber quickly realizes that an extinction level event appears to have struck London, and she sets off on a quest to reach home, and to find out what has happened. She soon discovers however that she is alone in a new and terrifying post apocalyptic world... . 

Vaporized, is a gripping science fiction action horror thriller. Suspend your disbelief for a while, jump into Amber's shoes and enjoy this edge of your seat ride...! 

Themes covered in the book; 

* Alien Invasion 
* Space 
* Extinction 
* Mystery 
* Lone female survivor 
* Science Fiction Adventure

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