Exile (The Flotsam Series Book 1)

Exile (The Flotsam Series Book 1)
: Peter M. Ball
: Apocalypse Ink Productions
: 111
: Fiction : SciFi
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My name's Keith Murphy. I specialise in killing things from the Gloom who deserve a few bullets in the head. I'm not a sorcerer, but I worked for one, a guy named Danny Roark who saw me on a bad path and gave me an alternative. For sixteen years, we'd worked together; a two-man unit, the best of the best. Roark did the magic and I handled the guns.

We just did a job. It’s gone sour and now I’m running. Running doesn’t bother me. Running's a survival trait. What bothers me is the nine multimeter bullet I swallowed, the one with the soul of my last victim trapped inside it. He was the leader of a cult of bloodthirsty monsters.

His followers want his soul back and I’m their only lead.

Exile is the first of the Flotsam trilogy by Peter M. Ball. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed run on the wild side of the Gold Coast of Australia. Delve into the supernatural world of the Gloom and all its practitioners. Mind your step. There are things in the Gloom that were old when this world was young and they are hungry.

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