A Higher Calling: Laura's Tale (Sam and Laura's Story Book 2)

A Higher Calling: Laura's Tale (Sam and Laura's Story Book 2)
: Kwen D Griffeth
: 250
: Fiction : General
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Sam Tries To Escape His Strong-Arm Reputation

In the years following the war, Sam had gained a reputation as a gun-toting enforcer of the law, doing whatever necessary to uphold justice, even though he had since left that life behind.

??? The Chance For A Better Life

Laura had recently assumed control of her fatherís estate and worked day after day for the sake of her children. Sam offered to help ease her burden and in return received the opportunity to live the quiet life he had always wanted.

??? You Canít Outrun The Past

Samís past catches up with him when an unexpected guest arrives at Lauraís estate. This encounter forces him to face his demons head on and provides the ultimate test in resisting his impulse for retribution.

??? Will Sam choose Laura and embrace the life he always wanted, or will the opportunity for revenge prove irresistible?

A Higher Calling is the second book in the AWARD WINNING Sam and Laura series. You won't want to put it down!

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