Homemade Soap For Beginners (How to Make Soap)

Homemade Soap For Beginners (How to Make Soap)
: Anna Ward
: SoapMaking
: 76
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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Learn How To Make Soap

With this book you will learn:

  1. How To Make Homemade Soap
  2. How To Make Soap From Scratch
  3. Organic Soap Making
  4. Cold Process Soap
  5. Hot Process Soap
  6. Melt and Pour Soap
  7. Soap Making Safety
  8. How to Add Scent to Your Homemade Soap
  9. How to Add Color to Your Homemade Soap
  10. How to Add Extra Ingredients to Your Homemade Soap
  11. Soap Making Allergy Considerations
  12. How to Adjust Your Soap Making Batch Size
  13. How to Create Your Own Organic Soap Recipes
  14. Over 10+ Soap Making Recipes You Can Create Right Away

Get Started Making Homemade Soap Today!

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“Homemade Soap For Beginners”

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