Storm Crazy: A paranormal romance saga (Destiny Paramortals Book 1)

Storm Crazy: A paranormal romance saga (Destiny Paramortals Book 1)
: Livia Quinn
: Campbell Hill Publishing
: 318
: Fiction : General
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Destiny– is it Mayberry or Middle Earth? Welcome to Destiny, home to the Paramortals since…well, forever…where human neighbors and their new sheriff live alongside shifters, dragons, vampires and a family of djinn. Just don’t tell the humans. The Destiny Paramortals series is like a mini vacation away from the real world...

I'm Sheriff Jack Lang. After an exciting career as a Navy pilot, Destiny seemed like the perfect place to settle down - safe, sane and secure. But that ship sailed when I met Tempest Pomeroy my sexy redheaded mail lady and trouble magnet. Tempe never fails to test the limits of my patience or the law. Every time I think it's the last straw, up pops another haystack.

My name is Tempest Pomeroy, and my human job is delivering the mail. I’m also a Paramortal like my family, or I’m supposed to be. If I didn’t have a few little talents, I’d think I was adopted. To say I was having a bad day would be like saying Katrina dropped a little rain on New Orleans. My brother's genie bottle is missing, my mother’s AWOL, and the sheriff and my ex-lover are squaring off like yard dogs staking a claim over a poodle. I am no one’s poodle. I've denied my heritage for most of my life but all this chaos is a sign of my quickening Tempestaerie power.
Oh, and the sheriff? He thinks he's settled in a normal, quaint small town—like Mayberry?! Ha. We’ll see how that turns out. Things better settle down soon, ‘cause I’m about to go Storm Crazy.

Warning: If you’re looking for standalones, the Destiny Paramortals series is not for you. This is a series with recurring characters on their Paramortal journey. They get their HEAs, but not in book 1. There are sexy shifters, vampires, dragons, tempestaeries and djinn and more with surprises at every turn. Emotional, quirky and fun. Read them in order. (If you like H.P. Mallory, Eve Langlais or Kristen Painter, try Livia Quinn’s Destiny Paramortals series.)

Interview with Livia Quinn

What makes this series special? It’s a fun emotional quirky ride with twists and turns that will keep you guessing and relationships that make you want to come back for more. Think of it as a paranormal family saga. Many have said Come to Destiny, you won’t want to leave.

How would you describe the Paramortals? Destiny is a southern small town community. It’s a quirky paranormal romance series - a world of dragons, storm witches (tempestaeries), shifters, vampires and fae, whose mission is to protect those weaker than themselves while searching for their fated mates.

Is this romance? Yes! All couples get their HEA just not in the first book.

Are these books standalones? No. Destiny is a community much like yours and mine (just add magic) with recurring characters who experience challenges and growth throughout the series so the books should be read in order.

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Fans of the Destiny Paramortals say:
“This is my new favorite series!”
"Oh my God, I loved this book. Run don't walk to the buy button."
"Tempest is one of the best paranormal heroines I've ever read."
"Loving this series."
“This was a great book, I didn't want it to end."

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