The Memory Closet: A Psychological Suspense Novel

The Memory Closet: A Psychological Suspense Novel
: Ninie Hammon
: Ninie Hammon
: 337
: Fiction : Mystery
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Bury your past. Bury it deep.

When Anne Mitchell was 11 years old, something happened that erased the whole first decade of her life. That something became her Bogeyman.

For 25 years, the Bogeyman terrorized her, lurking in the shadows behind her reflection in mirrors and wine glasses and stalking her in nightmares. Fear of him held her hostage. Like a schoolyard bully, the Bogeyman twisted her arm behind her back and forced Anne to accept that her life began in the dirt beside a ditch where the family station wagon burned like hell had opened up a crack in the world right there in the back seat. 

Then Anne sees the Bogeyman in her dying mother's eyes. With her last breath, Susan Mitchell begs for her daughter's forgiveness. She didn't mean for it to happen, she gasps, but she'll burn in hell for what she did all the same. 

What did her mother do? Anne has to know. 

That’s why she’s come to the dusty prairie town of Goshen, Texas, to live with her crazy grandmother in the rambling old house where she grew up.

Anne Mitchell has come home to take her stand against the Bogeyman

And he knows Anne's here. Oh, indeed he does, and he’s ready. The Bogeyman has been waiting for twenty-five years--now it's showtime.

In a riveting tale of growing terror, award-winning journalist and bestselling thriller author Ninie Hammon pulls a noose of tension tighter and tighter, taking the reader into the dark recesses of repressed memories, the place where the monsters live. If you’ve ever feared the Bogeyman in the closet, ever wondered about those fleeting images on the edges of your vision you never quite get a good look at, you won’t be able to put this book down until you come to the shocking surprise ending.

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