A Quick Start Guide to Running

A Quick Start Guide to Running
: Jennifer Wells
: 49
: Non Fiction : Health
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Engaging in physical activities such as running can be life changing. It can improve a person’s quality of life and promote longevity. Beginners need to understand how important it is to make running a part of their daily lives instead of considering it as a passing or temporary hobby or activity. It can be challenging for those who do not engage in physical activities regularly. However, beginners can overcome this and eventually look forward to performing the activity.

In this eBook, Jennifer Wells breaks down all basic information about running into an easily comprehensible and can-do article. In great detail, the book covers the following concepts:
- The Many Health Benefits of Running
- Running to Lose Weight & Build Muscle
- Finding the Right Gear for Running
- Common Mistakes of Beginning Runners
- The Proper Nutrition Plan for Runners
- How to Get Ready to Run
- Using a HITT Running Program
- How to Run Safely & Avoid Injury
- Motivation for Continued Success
- Sample Workouts

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