Green Smoothie Recipes to Lose Weight: 50 Delicious & Quick Superfruit Smoothies For Good Health

Green Smoothie Recipes to Lose Weight: 50 Delicious & Quick Superfruit Smoothies For Good Health
: Jenna Jolan
: Larger Than Life Publishing
: 48
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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Green Smoothie Recipes to Lose Weight

Here's what some people have to say...
”I bought several book on green smoothies and this one was by far my favorite of the bunch. I’m losing weight and feeling great. Thanks Jenny!” - Amanda
"This book helped me realize that it is super easy to create a healthful drink. You can use fresh fruits/veggies, and you can even use fruits or veggies that might be a little past their prime. You can just throw them in and it will taste good!!" - Jeffrey
"That’s what the book is all about. You can learn quickly and start enjoying some pretty nice treats. I have my favorites of course and look forward to a sequel."/i> - Carol

Do you want to start drinking delicious healthy green smoothies right NOW without having to spend countless hours navigating through the internet finding the best healthiest recipes?
And do you want simple to read recipes that you can make right away without having to make those long expensive trips to the grocery store?

Well, Let me introduce 50 RECIPES for Savvy Smoothie Lovers Who Want to Stop Drinking Crap and Start Looking Fabulous

Smoothies are one of the BEST ways to get all those essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to not only LOOK amazing but FEEL amazing too.

You know that you should be eating your greens.

You know how healthy and crucially important your greens are for you overall well-being.

You know that eating your greens is one of the key factors to a long, healthy vibrant life…

It’s not always easy chewing your GREENS every day. But with my 50 favorite hand picked smoothie recipes, it’ll be a breeze to get your daily dose of greens in just minutes with almost NO effort required at all.

You’re going to look better, feel better, and have fun doing it! You’re not only going to lose weight, you’re also going to increase your overall health and turbo-charge your energy levels in process!

Here are just some benefits of what my Green Smoothie Recipes can do for YOU!
- Offer pure nutrition
- Much healthier than fruit or vegetable juices (cost WAY less too!)
- Quick and easy to make
- Super duper cheap
- Great way to get the kids to eat green
- Super low in calories and very filling
- Easy to digest
- Great way to stay hydrated (I mean who enjoys the taste of water anyway)

In this book I’ve collected over 50 of my favorite GREEN filled recipes and laid them all out for you.
Every recipes is ridiculously simple to follow, requires almost no time or effort but till tastes mouth-wateringly good.

You know that you need to get more GREEN in your diet, so why not do it in an easy, delicious and natural way.

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the book now and start blending your way to a better looking better feeling YOU! Why wait any longer to start living and eating GREEN.

Click the Orange “Buy Now” Button on Your Screen and Start Reading Instantly.

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