My First Reading Book

My First Reading Book
: Amber Richards
: 56
: Kids : 4-8
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My First Reading Book is a tool to help teach beginner readers how to read. It is a good next step for children who have just mastered the alphabet and sounds of each letter. Intentionally, there are no pictures in this e-book, instead the focus is upon the words themselves, to keep distractions to a minimum.

It starts with some 3 letter words, then moves on to 4 and then 5 letter words, then finishes by using most of the words in short, complete sentences. It's perfect for helping them to 'sound out' words and learn by memorization a few very common simple words that are used frequently in the English language.

Watch how proud children will be at mastering a new skill, reading!

Download your copy now to begin a reading lesson with your young child.

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