Boy and the Very Lonely Pony

Boy and the Very Lonely Pony
: Junia Wonders
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: Kids : General
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Suitable for readers aged 4 and up

A boy sees a white pony for the very first time. The pony looks magnificent but is very lonely. When night-time arrives, the boy pays the pony a little visit but there's one little hiccup...

The story is about a boy and a pony who share a similar predicament - being alone and lonely. The boy is sick so he has to stay in bed the whole day. Outside, the pony is all alone, fenced in a field of pasture. The boy decides to go on an adventure with the pony and suddenly, they're not so lonely anymore. The story is subtle yet beautiful. It is heartwarming to read and it is exquisitely drawn and painted in water colour.

Perfect as a bedtime story for your little nuggets.

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