True Conviction: An Action Thriller (Adrian Hell Book 1)

True Conviction: An Action Thriller (Adrian Hell Book 1)
: James P. Sumner
: James P. Sumner
: 308
: Fiction : Drama
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A break-neck thriller that will have you ducking bullets and dying to turn the page!

Meet Adrian Hell, one of the deadliest professional assassins to ever pick up a gun.

In True Conviction, he takes a job in the sun-soaked city of Heaven's Valley, a paradise of sin and the jewel of Nevada. His contract? Kill a man who has stolen something of value from the local mafia. But when the job turns sour, he discovers a much larger threat looming in the shadows. He finds himself in the crosshairs of a powerful adversary, and he must use his skills to survive while working to stop a terrorist attack that could act as a catalyst for another world war.

Adrian is pushed beyond his limits, tested to breaking point and forced to overcome tremendous odds in order to do what's right in this adrenaline-fuelled action adventure... even if it means going against his killer instincts.

(Previously published under the title, Crucible)

Interview with James P. Sumner

Q: James, what can readers expect from the Adrian Hell series?

A: The pace of the series is unrelenting, and each book is written like an action movie. The main character is believable – he could quite easily be the guy sitting next to you in the bar. You want him to succeed, even if you don’t always like how he goes about things, because you can relate to him. The books are filled with action and humor. Guys will want to be Adrian Hell, and women will want to be WITH him!

Q: Why the big re-release? What’s changed?

A: I’ve been writing for almost two years and, as an author, I’m constantly improving. I’ve reached a stage now where I believe I can make each book realize its full potential. In the big re-release of March 2015, the books have additional content, re-designed covers, and professional editing. That’s why I’m keen to make them as available as possible, because even if you’ve read them before, it’s definitely worth re-reading them now. The biggest change is Crucible becoming True Conviction – a title which I think captures the essence of the story much better than before. There’s also close to 10,000 words of additional story content in there. It’s free, so check it out!

Q: Who would you compare Adrian Hell to?

A: He’s definitely inspired by many different people, but I don’t want to compare him to anyone. He’s not the next anybody, he’s the first Adrian Hell, and I hope people find both the character, and his stories, original and refreshing.

Q: So, what’s next for you?

A: 2015 is going to be focused on building the brand and my audience. I expect at least two new releases this year as well. You can visit my website, for all latest information on Adrian Hell, and sign up for the mailing list to receive updates on future novels in the series.

The Complete Adrian Hell Action Thriller Series

True Conviction
Hunter’s Games
One Last Bullet
Deadly Intent

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