Love Beyond Time

Love Beyond Time
: Hannah Raybans, Tara Raybans
: 79
: Non Fiction : General
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Love Beyond Time - A love inspired historical guide for inspiration, peace love and healing.

What is love? Is it the physical attraction we feel for someone, or the deep feelings of caring that we express for our friends and families? Or is it someone more, something transcendent, that can heal nations and bring peace back to the earth? This book seeks to answer those questions and provide a framework, using examples of love and sacrifice from ancient times to the present, as well as situations where we as a civilization have gone astray, for a solution to what ails the World we live in today. In examining the lives of historical luminaries who have had the most significant impact on our progress toward a World of love and peace, from Jesus of Nazareth to Mother Teresa to John Lennon, this book will give you hope and inspiration for bringing about change and restoring the World to a more loving place for future generations.


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“..divine love and divine healing of past leaders…to shape our world into an abode of healing hearts..”

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“..incredible book based on spirituality, love, search for love and personal transformation..”

“..words on these pages confirms that love never dies…uplifting and inspirational..”

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