To Save Two Worlds: (is twice as much fun) (Worlds Akilter Book 1)

To Save Two Worlds: (is twice as much fun) (Worlds Akilter Book 1)
: A. J. Bakke
: 429
: Fiction : General
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One of those annoying ‘wars of centuries past’ has put Earth in danger of being crushed by a much larger world, Deart. A magical barrier was created to keep the planets from colliding. That barrier is now weakening, its power source dying.
A new power source must be found before it’s too late!
Fate, Destiny, or perhaps merely happenstance choose Kale, a resident of Deart, to fix the problem. About six inches in height, he is far too small for the huge task forced upon him. Surviving the foreign world, Earth, has many complications such as the giant feet of towering humans. If the soul devouring parrot doesn’t kill him, a mage who can't control her powers, might.
Perhaps with the help of a few unexpected allies, he can make it from one world to the other and back again, alive.
And what do cats have to do with anything?

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