How to Build a Home Grown Aquaponics System Cheap

How to Build a Home Grown Aquaponics System Cheap
: Tony Lamb
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Welcome to How to Build a Homegrown Aquaponics System Cheap
The Cheap and easy way!
Easy & Cheap, Step-by-Step Plans
Aquaponics, is where you have a vegetable grow bed above a fish tank and you pump the fish water up into the grow beds and it filters back into the fish tank.
This way you grow fish and vegetables to eat, the fish provide the nutrients for the plants and the plants provide oxygen and clean water for the fish. All you have to do is feed the fish and collect the vegetables and the fish when you are ready to eat them.
The reason is, fish waste produces ammonia, the ammonia naturally brakes down into Nitrates which is a GREAT Natural Plant Food . Your system returns the water back to the fish with the Ammonia removed to repeat the cycle.
All the things growing plants need to thrive, they use these fish waste products to grow and produce and put oxygen back into the water for the fish to use.
A pure and natural symbiotic relationship.
And we show you how to use a 12 volt solar panel to power the 12 volt pumps and the grow beds will grow vegetables like crazy and NOT use any of your expensive grid power.
We show you how to set up and build a super cheap Aquaponics system from $50 to $100.
We show you the best fish to grow.
We show you the best vegetables to grow.
A lot of people in Middle Eastern Countries use Aquaponics to grow fish to eat and vegetables to eat. And by using Aquaponics you save on Fertilizer, Pesticides, (no soil is ever used). And if that were not enough you save on water to, as Aquaponics use the same water over and over you never have to irrigate saving you that too. Since you DO NOT use any soil to grow your vegetables you will never have any weeds, imagine Gardening without weeds.

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