Spooky Spirits

Spooky Spirits
: John Stone
: 162
: Fiction : General
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The awakening rage started forty years ago with the brutal death of a teenage girl. It might have been an accident, but then again, it might have been fueled by rage. Now, a whole flock of sheep have been mysteriously torn to pieces and strange ghostly happenings are on the increase in the sleepy seaside town of Astoria, Oregon.

Seventeen-year-old Danielle Knowles soon finds herself right in the middle of battle that spans not only decades, but other dimensions, as well. This battle has already been ordained through time and space to take place on the shores of Astoria’s loneliest, most windswept beach. It’s sure to end in a violent struggle not only for the fate of our world, but the fate of our entire universe.

Danielle wants no part of it, but she might not have a choice. While out celebrating her birthday, Danielle’s once perfect boyfriend suddenly becomes distant and violent. And to make matters worse, she starts seeing and hearing ghostly apparitions all over town.

However, as one part of her life falls apart, Danielle finds herself being offered an extremely well-paid job at a beach café and with a boss she hardly sees or knows. She also forms a unique friendship with her most regular customer, an intriguing dark-haired boy she knows as Phaedra. He’s a bit weird though. He doesn’t speak a word of English and flees every time her boss shows up.

Danielle is slowly losing her mind. With more ghostly happenings and violent incidents occurring every day, Danielle soon starts to realise that all of these various elements are connected. A dark, angry spirit is bubbling beneath the surface of Astoria and the awakening rage could threaten the fate of the entire universe.

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