Crazy Maybe (The Crazy Series Book 1)

Crazy Maybe (The Crazy Series Book 1)
: A.D. Justice
: A.D. Justice
: 340
: Fiction : Romance
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Sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s all you need.

Strong. Smart. Independent. When I was younger, I never would've used those words to describe myself. But I'm no longer that scared little girl, all alone in the world. My friends are the only family I have now.

From the second Luke Woods steps foot in the gym where I work, I feel his presence. Tall. Handsome. Ripped. When our eyes meet, the hunger I see in them is for more than his place in the professional boxing ring.

We can't deny the electric tension between us. But the day I inherited the family business, the living, breathing past re-emerges to threaten all I held dear...including Luke.

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