Maisy and The Missing Mice (The Maisy Files Book 1)

Maisy and The Missing Mice (The Maisy Files Book 1)
: Elizabeth Woodrum
: Creativia
: 72
: Kids : General
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The mysterious Black Boot has stolen the school mascots.

Maisy Sawyer has a mystery to solve - and she's the best detective in fourth grade. No, she is the best detective in the whole school, and rescuing the little mice is her new mission.

Raising the stakes, The Black Boot has also taken Maisy’s famous lollipop collection, and warns her to stop searching for the mice if she ever wants to see her lollipops again.

Follow the clues as Maisy tries to discover the identity of The Black Boot and find her prized lollipops - and the school mascots - in the first book in The Maisy Files series.

Praise from readers:

★★★★★ - "Totally cute, well-written, and logical. Great story for young readers."

★★★★★ - "Fun mystery for young kids - a great read-aloud book."

★★★★★ - "A super fun read!"

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