Glorious Incorporated (The Joshua Chronicles Book 1)

Glorious Incorporated (The Joshua Chronicles Book 1)
: Steven Neil Moore
: Creativia
: 352
: Fiction : SciFi
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"Pilgrim's Progress meets Tom Clancy." - Kirkus Reviews

Determined to leave his troubled past behind, Joshua Arden moves to New York City. When he lands his dream job at Jonah International, he is excited to enable real and lasting change. But behind the scenes, a darker power is at play.

The CEO of a rival corporation has received orders to track a high-level asset that is the key to winning an unknown war — one to which humankind is oblivious, but has been raging for centuries.

Joshua’s life takes a drastic turn as he enters a world of religious orders, advanced technology and long-hidden secrets about his past.

"... a satisfying ending with the promise of more to come." - Blueink Review
"...demonstrates to Moore's credit, fluidity of plotting, organic character growth, and a subtle, not often heard message about how power can be used for good."" - Clarion Review

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