The Law of Moses (Sam and Laura's Story Book 1)

The Law of Moses (Sam and Laura's Story Book 1)
: Kwen D Griffeth
: Kwen D. Griffeth
: 296
: Fiction : General
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He Planned For A Simple Life, Until The War Began

Samuel Cardiff had a plan. He had recently graduated from the Teachers College and now he was returning home. The first goal completed, his next step was to find a position and then he could get married.

??? He Was a Christian Pacifist With Little Care For The Outside World

Samuel was a quiet man, some would say a pacifist. He believed in God, family and education. He was not concerned with the happenings outside his home town.

??? When His Country Fell Into Civil War He Was Forced To Question His Most Core Beliefs

Outside events, however, were about to drag him from his beloved Elmira. It was the spring of 1861 and Confederate forces had recently attacked Fort Sumter. Against every moral belief, he enlisted in the Union Army and with his first step toward the south, he changed his life forever.

??? Law of Moses is the AWARD WINNING, first book in the Sam and Laura series. It will captivate and inspire readers from all walks of life!

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