The Dream Sifter (The Depths of Memory Book 1)

The Dream Sifter (The Depths of Memory Book 1)
: Candice Bundy
: Lusios Publishing, LLC
: 578
: Fiction : SciFi
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“Well-thought and greatly planned, The Dream Sifter deserves to be featured among classic gems of science-fiction. The author’s linguistic richness and her ingenious world created from scratch compile a novel which promises intense suspense and plot twists.”
Augustine (

Glimpses. Images of the past…or future? Delusions, powers, or maybe she's just going crazy? Rai Durmah can't be sure of anything.

With no recollection of her prior life, she's placed with an adoptive family who doubts her words and motives.

Her curiosity and nightmares catapult her into a world, of danger, mystery, and horror.

But when she realizes who and what she really is, the real fight begins.
As long as she can sift through the lies…


The Depths of Memory Trilogy in a set in a future where humans have fled Earth and struggle to colonize new worlds and prove their worth to the alien consortium known as the Hegemony. Beyond the colonist’s day-to-day struggles, they face a devastating plague which requires extreme and constant vigilance. Faced with internal and external threats, how far will the colonists be willing to go to save not just their colony, but humanity itself?

The Depths of Memory Trilogy is a sci-fi/fantasy series. Book one ends with a cliffhanger which is resolved in book two (which does not have a cliffhanger).

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