The Dream Sifter (The Depths of Memory Book 1)

The Dream Sifter (The Depths of Memory Book 1)
: Candice Bundy
: Lusios Publishing, LLC
: 578
: Fiction : SciFi
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Images of the past...
Or future?

Delusions, powers,
Or maybe she's just going crazy.

Rai Durmah can't be sure,
Of anything.

With no recollection of her prior life,
She's placed with an adoptive family,
A family who doubts her,
Doubts her words,
Doubts her motives.

Her curiosity and nightmares catapult her into a world,
Of danger,
And horror.

But when she realizes who she is,
And what she really is,
The real fight begins.

As long as she can sift through the lies...

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