The Secret (The Scinegue Series Book 1)

The Secret (The Scinegue Series Book 1)
: S.R. Booth
: 360
: Fiction : Drama
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A secretive company keeps itself off the radar and out of the news for over fifty years. What kind of power does it take to command that kind of privacy? What secrets is it trying to hide? Billy Roth doesn't know and doesn't really care. His blue collar job collecting garbage for the company pays very well. The last thing he wants to do is risk his position by asking questions, but his coworkers start disappearing and things get really strange, really fast.

"Invited" into the company by a couple of thuggish looking bodyguards, Billy is awed by the high level of security and rather impressed to learn the company's motto: Make every person the best they can be. That sounds like a pretty noble objective, but Billy soon realizes that motto might not be one hundred percent correct. Eliminate every person who's not the best they can be is starting to sound much more accurate.

Christian suspense supernatural

The Scinegue Series 
  • The Secret 
  • The Pledge 
  • The Forest 
and Bradley and Nicole, a novella best read after The Pledge and before The Forest.
New release by S.R. Booth: Saving Will.

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