Trill (Sabrina Strong Series Book 2)

Trill (Sabrina Strong Series Book 2)
: Lorelei Bell
: Creativia
: 495
: Fiction : General
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New friends and shocking revelations await Sabrina.

After she learns of her role as a sibyl, her partner Dante puts himself at great risk to discover Ilona Tremayne's devious plot.

The newcomer, Bill Gannon, is also interested in Sabrina. While dealing with him, she must help Bjorn Tremayne keep control of his realm. But when Sabrina's past catches up with her, she learns that not everyone can be trusted

Very soon, she finds herself on a journey she never thought possible.

Praise from readers:

????? - "Sabrina's world just gets more and more exciting... A wonderful follow-up."

????? - "Lorelei Bell creates a unique supernatural world... I highly recommend this novel."

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