Testimonies (Witnesses Book 3)

Testimonies (Witnesses Book 3)
: Richard French
: Richard French
: 404
: Fiction : General
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Warfare. Plague. Political Corruption. Faith and Love.

“Testimonies” is the third novel in a series called “Witnesses”. It consists of several narratives – one about a young couple who live three centuries in the future, three stories that feature soldiers in the recent past, and a novella about a disgraced government official at the turn of the 20th century.
In easier times, these people decided that they wanted to do their best to improve their lives and benefit people around them. Do challenges they face cause them to give up on their goals or do they keep on seeking renewal of life, not only for themselves but also for people close to them and for the good of their communities?
As well, the novel also moves ahead the stories of Paul Kingsley and the editor Stephanie Markham and their efforts to thwart the Scythian cult. Among other things, they must contend with the attempted assassination of a nationally-known politician they liked, while at the same time a Scythian official kidnaps two of Stephanie’s associates and forces them to travel with him.
Meanwhile, Stephanie continues to bring Kingsley’s stories together and prepares a framing narrative for the sake of coherence. As she works on the stories, she discovers that they have several matters in common, including the question of what it means to be American.
The answer doesn't come in the wars the narratives refer to or in the baleful cult activities that cast a dark shadow over the present-day parts of the story but in the freedom the characters enjoy to lead fruitful lives, to work for the conquest of evil, and to tell their stories freely.
If you’d like to explore a novel that deals with issues like warfare and power struggles among neighbors that began in America in the 17th century and continue in the present, click the image for sample chapters or one of the buttons to buy it.  

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