The Descent to Madness (The Graeme Stone Saga Book 1)

The Descent to Madness (The Graeme Stone Saga Book 1)
: Gareth K Pengelly
: 346
: Fiction : General
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Across the cosmos, on a world with no name, the battle between good and evil rages, the fate of all sentient life in the universe hanging in the balance.

On Earth, Graeme Stone, ordinary man with a humdrum, downtrodden life, finds himself beset by a run of bad luck and maddening visions that drive him to the edge. But when he makes the snap decision to end it all, he finds himself not dead... but elsewhere.

Dragged by dark powers to that far-flung world of magic, monsters and barbarian slavers, Stone, his memories of his former life all but wiped from his mind, finds himself caught up in a cosmic tug of war. His body grows stronger, larger, new powers beginning to manifest with every passing day. Friends and foes alike seek to use his new power for their own gain.

For it turns out he's no ordinary man at all, but a freak of nature, with the potential within him for ultimate power; be that for good or for ill.

As the extent of the evil powers that threaten the very universe, including his homeworld the Earth, become apparent, Stone must decide whether to use his powers to fight for what is right... or to join the enemy and reap the Earthly rewards once denied him.

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