ARIA : Returning Left Luggage: Book Two of The ARIA Trilogy

ARIA : Returning Left Luggage: Book Two of The ARIA Trilogy
: Geoff Nelder
: LL-Publications
: 282
: Fiction : SciFi
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You must buy ARIA because it is the ONLY book with infectious amnesia. You need this book to solve the question what is the most important thing we treasure in our minds? See the fictional infectious amnesia before it happens to you!

Meet the Aliens

In Returning Left Luggage, Book Two of the ARIA Trilogy, we finally meet the aliens. Unlike most science fiction aliens, these ignore the remaining humans, or make use of them for labour. They don’t bargain on encountering the psychotic Dr Antonio Menzies, and when he discovers how to use their telepathic-controlled gadgets, odd things happen.

Meanwhile Ryder’s isolation group are in the South Pacific facing invasion problems of another kind. That, and trouble in the French Alps, along with a runaway exotic weed, makes this sequel one you’ll not want to miss.

ARIA: Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia
Without our memories, who are we?

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