The Holy Duel (The Holy One's Book 4)

The Holy Duel (The Holy One's Book 4)
: Scott F Neve
: Scott F Neve
: 298
: Fiction : Mystery
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The Holy Duel wraps up where the Holy Would began. It is a great American mystery that features Scotty and Verily Fisher at the beginning of their endless honeymoon joining forces with L.A. private detective Michelle "Mike" October to solve the impossible Case of Overkill in which a Beverly Hills patriarch was murdered twelve different ways simultaneously. Mike's best friend Sindy Boyle is the youngest daughter of the victim and she has been framed by her eleven devilish siblings for the slaying of their evil father. The vital clue to solve the case is known only by notorious starlet Dy-Ann Lovechild who was murdered three years ago by a psycho stalker. The Fisher's raise the dead girl to life and then turn the blue bloods of tinsel town upside down before the high society wedding of Sindy to Dr. Cruz Whitewater. Angels of light, totem spirits of Native American Indians and mythical devils from a cathedral, a haunted mansion, a celebrity insane asylum, and an ancient cemetery try to assist or destroy the Holy One's destiny in Hollywood.

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