The World, the City, and the Wakemans

The World, the City, and the Wakemans
: Richard French
: Richard French
: 493
: Fiction : General
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The Wakemans Face a Nasty Challenge as they Strive to Make Improvements for Themselves and their City

In this novel, members of the well-established and privileged Wakeman family strive to expand their influence on Botolph, the city they live in, and at the same time pull themselves out of mental, physical, and spiritual low points. Along the way, they learn about their own natures and what significant action in the world involves.
Caleb who teaches at the city’s largest university and longs to create a masterpiece of scholarship Amos leaves a good job in business to work with homeless children. Their sister Mary is a musician who craves a break from her demanding career; Their half-brother Stephen runs for mayor.
Their external adversary is a gang of youthful toughs. Other difficulties arise from their conviction that they are always doing good.
As a bonus, the story contains three novella-length interludes filled with paranormal antics set in a distant country that’s awash in farfetched technology and a fear that reality may be breaking down.
If you like literary fiction, you’ll surely feel at home with “The Wakemans”, which a reviewer compared favorably with Dostoevsky’s “Karamazov”, for “characters painstakingly built from the ground up upon the minutia of everyday life.”.
Buy this family saga that explores spiritual and worldly dilemmas.

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