Start and Operate Your Own Mail Order Business

Start and Operate Your Own Mail Order Business
: Dennis Dook
: Dennis Dook
: 17
: Non Fiction : General
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How To Start Your Own Mail-Order Business

Almost without exception, there is only one way of making a great deal
of money ... and that is by working for yourself.You can achieve
self-employment by owning and operating your own "Mail-Order
Business". Owning and operating your own business allows you to
exponentially leverage on and multiply your efforts.When you work for
someone else or for a corporation, your expectations are,
unfortunately, very limited , no matter what position you hold.

There is something incredibly seductive about the idea of starting a
mail-order business. You find a product (or range of products), you
prepare an advertisement, you place it, the orders come flooding in,
you bank the money and you send out the product. What could be simpler
or, more to the point, less hassle than that? No face-to-face selling.
No set hours. No major investment. No major risk. What's more, there
is the potential to grow a mail-order venture into something enormous.

Even if you are already in business as a producer, distributor,
wholesaler, exporter, retailer ..., the techniques outlined in this
superb manual will guide you on how to maximize your marketing efforts and get more buyers for your products.

The e-book, "How To Start and Operate Your Own Mail-Order Business" will
guide you in a straight-forward way how to:-
1. Pick a 'HOT' product to sell – How to evaluate and pick a product
that really stands a chance of success.
2. Locate suppliers – The manufacturers, and distributors of your
“hot“ products.
3. Price your Products – The combinations that help determine your
selling price.
4. Basic Business Stuff – The business start-up issues like your
business name; merchant account …
5. How to Structure your Marketing Plan for maximum exposure and outreach.
6. Fulfilling Orders – How to secure and ship the goods to the
customers who orders them
7. Take Care of your Business – Ongoing issues of customer care and
service, as satisfied customers will keep buying and telling others
about your products.
8. Go Online and International with your Mail-Order Business

This short e-book is well worth acquiring.It contains serious information
that, when applied consistently, will bring about your business and
financial breakthrough.

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