Tax Lien Investing Secrets Revealed

Tax Lien Investing Secrets Revealed
: Dustin Hahn
: DHI Publishing
: 36
: Non Fiction : Business
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Does the thought of relying on Social Security and meagre pension plans in your so-called “Golden Years” chill you to the bone?

Tax Lien Investing Secrets Revealed is going to introduce you to the strategies you can learn and employ to earn a constant flow of secure income that will work for you even while you sleep, just like America's super-rich have enjoyed for generations. And the good news is you can start with as little as $50 today.

When you buy a Tax Lien Certificate you are guaranteed a set interest rate by the government that ranges from 18% to 36%. Your investment is also secured by the real estate making Tax Lien Investing a "Win, Win." You might be thinking this sounds great, but what happens if my Tax Lien certificate does not redeem or pay me back my interest rate?

When your Tax Lien Certificate does not pay you back the interest rate of 18% to 36%, this is where you really make money. You See a Tax Lien is never more then 1% to 3% of the market value of a house. For example if you purchase a Tax Lien for $1000 on a house that is valued at $100,000 and the Tax Lien does not redeem, that means you will own the house for the cost of your Tax Lien Investment of $1000.

If you are interested in learning the secret to Tax Lien Investing then check out this easy to follow training book and get started today.

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