Flower of Heaven

Flower of Heaven
: Julien Ayotte
: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
: 250
: Fiction : Mystery
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International Thriller Receives Four National Book Awards

Read Flower of Heaven,honored at 2013 New York Book Festival

Kirkus Indie Reviews recently released their rating on Flower of Heaven as an intriguing thriller that spans the globe. The romance and danger juxtaposed with universal twists and confused identities create an interesting read.

It's a thriller that doesn't quit. From his serene parish in Lincoln, Rhode Island, Father Richard Merrill had led a seemingly quiet life as a man of the cloth, shepherding his flock toward the solace of a higher power. Now, the core of his beliefs and his being is propelled into the darkest chaos. What's more, it's all for the sake of his very own flesh and blood, two sons who were long ago given up for adoption. Their mother, Francoise Dupont, a former gallery director at the Louvre, has since married an Arab prince. And herein lies the trouble. The bloodlines of the sons place them in line to succeed her gravely ill husband, now the king. More than a few of the king's enemies are consumed with stopping them from ascending to the throne.

With help from the FBI, the CIA, and an aging mercenary, the race is on. From France to Haiti, the United States, and the Middle East, Merrill will take whatever measures necessary to save his sons and unmask the scent of the Flower of Heaven. With evocative detail, high-flying action, and ingenious plot twists, Flower of Heaven is a searing, brilliantly crafted literary debut that will keep readers hungry for every enthralling page. It's a heart-stopping work that spans continents, while mining the deep channels of the human heart.

Recent Awards for Flower of Heaven

  1. 2013 New York Book Festival, Honorable Mention, General Fiction
  2. Indie Book of the Day, March 19, 2013

˃˃˃ Flower of Heaven Would Make a Great Movie.

Providence Journal columnist Bill Reynolds, said, “Flower of Heaven, the fast-paced global thriller by Rhode Island writer Julien Ayotte would make a great movie.”

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