The Opinionists

The Opinionists
: Richard French
: 409
: Fiction : General
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A Team of Film-makers: A 17th Century Controversy and the Woman at the Center of it

This novel takes place in two time periods – the mid-20th century and almost 300 years before in a fictional English colony in the new world called Sagadac.
The veteran director Vincent Adair hopes to reinvigorate his career by making a movie about a theological controversy that spread through Sagadac in the 17th century. He involves many other people in his plans, of course, and the odd-numbered chapters of this novel tell about the experiences of some of them – veteran actors, technical people, residents of the town where the filming takes place, and Adair himself.
The even-numbered chapters present the story of the controversy from the viewpoint of one of the participants, who was first a friend and then an adversary of the woman at the center of the story, who believes the colony has turned dry and rigid, so she brings untested ideas that defy the ruling orthodoxy.
One purpose of “The Opinionists” is to give examples of conflicts between creativity and established order and between love for freedom and abuse of power. Another purpose is to invite readers to think about what makes good leadership.
If you like stories about courageous women, human error, and America’s past, then “The Opinionists” will appeal to you.
Buy this novel now that adapts a story from America’s past for the use of readers today. .

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