Lemuel: Witchcraft's Seducing Power

Lemuel: Witchcraft's Seducing Power
: J. B. Lifflander
: AsGold Media, Inc.
: 227
: Fiction : Drama
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It’s a future time and all the popular girls in high school are in witch’s covens. Lemuel, sixteen, has only known his foster mother because of a memory erasing drug he was given when he was five. His real parents died in a car accident, and he’s been told they were terrible people who were in an illegal blood cult religion.

But he’s gifted in computers and as he searches for traces of them from old email archives, a different picture arises. Then a surprise happens – one of the most beautiful witches in school, a cheerleader, seems to take a liking to him, though he thought she didn’t even know who he was. THIS IS THE FIRST OF A SERIES OF BOOKS - THE SEQUEL HAS YET TO BE PUBLISHED BUT WILL BE SOON. OTHER BOOKS BY J.B. LIFFLANDER INCLUDE JOURNEY IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND DISGUISED FOR LOVE: THE STRICKLAND SISTERS.

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