Shadows Of Forever

Shadows Of Forever
: Robin Ive
: 360
: Fiction : General
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There are bad things in your past…
… very bad things. You have no intention of remembering them – ever. But sometimes, just sometimes, your past explodes into your life in all its horror.
This is Abby Hawthorne’s story. She restores classic cars, and she’s finally making a success of it. But it isn’t what she is.
She won’t admit it, but she’s a witch and in her previous lifetime it was the death of her. Now, she’s haunted. She’s stalked. Because the evil that murdered her then has reincarnated too, it’s found her, it wants to finish what it started and it isn’t about to give up.
Abby’s only hope is to fight back and do something that will change her life forever. But can she make that monumental sacrifice?
Shadows of Forever is a supernatural thriller novel about witchcraft, reincarnation and passions that don’t die.
Interview with the author.
Q: What can I expect from Shadows of Forever?
A: What I’ve tried to do is take elements from witchcraft fiction, dark fantasy and horror suspense novels, combining them in what I hope is an intriguingly different story.
Q: Why should readers give Shadows of Forever a try?
A: If you like fast-paced, easy-read contemporary horror thriller novels then this should be for you.
Q: What are the themes you’re exploring in the book?
A: I wanted to look at how reincarnation and past lives can affect someone, especially when their murderer from that previous life has been reincarnated too.
Q: Will there be a sequel?
A: Yes. Shadows of Forever is the first book in The Shadows witchcraft mystery series about white witch Abby Hawthorne. I’m working on the second book now.
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