Race to Wallaby Bay (The Adventures Down Under Book 5)

Race to Wallaby Bay (The Adventures Down Under Book 5)
: Robert Elmer
: Robert Elmer
: 176
: Kids : 9-12
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Book 5 in a series of 8 books.

The McWaids plunge ahead to save the Lady E!

A desperate letter from his grandfather prompts Patrick McWaid and his family to return to Boomerang Bend, where the Lady Elisabeth still rests on the bottom of the river. But they arrive to find the Old Man crushed by many setbacks. Not only has his entire crew left him, but the money meant for repairs has disappeared!

With no other choice, the Old Man has sold half the boat to a mysterious investor in Goolwa at the mouth of the Murray River. But there’s one catch—he must deliver the paddle steamer to her new half owner in thirty days, or lose his remaining half! It’s a long way to Goolwa, and first they must raise the Lady E from the river bottom. Can the McWaids make the necessary repairs in time?

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