Broken Sky

Broken Sky
: David R. Beshears
: Greybeard Publishing
: 73
: Fiction : SciFi
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Novella adaptation of the science fiction screenplay “Broken Sky”...

A quiet, desolate setting: a cluster of old buildings isolated out on an empty plain. Overhead, the alien sky is a smear of reds and purples; a shell enclosing the world.

Living in this collection of broken down buildings are ten people, once strangers to one another, all taken from their past lives and transported to this barren world. They survive by gathering supplies that mysteriously materialize and are left out on the landscape, seemingly coming from out of nowhere. These materializations can be anything, and can come from any time in history. It might be a crate of oranges, a grove of trees, the interior of someone’s office; or a person...

But supplies have grown increasingly scarce, and the group decides to strike out across the plain toward a range of mountains that has materialized on the horizon.

Industry feedback re screenplay:
“Great visuals and a really effective atmosphere of foreboding.”
“Inventive script with an inspired world…unique and highly visual.”

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