The Ice Cream Addiction: A mysterious herb takes over a country town.

The Ice Cream Addiction: A mysterious herb takes over a country town.
: J.Z. Pinder
: Barclay Associates
: 30
: Fiction : General
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This lengthy story focuses on Lorna Carney, a middle-aged widow, who owns a small family dairy farm called Good Acres. Just about everyone calls Lorna, by her nickname, "Ma." The Carney farm is located near -the small country town of Colton Hollow. Ma has a mentally challenged son named Boris. Six years after the death of her beloved husband, Caleb, Ma decides to open an ice cream shop in the Hollow. The townspeople react enthusiastically when they find out that their town is to have its first ice cream shop.

One day Boris inquisitively asks Ma about a strange herb growing down by the Creek in the field where the cows graze daily. Ma tells him it doesn’t concern him and that he is not to speak to anyone, except her, about the special field, or the herb.

                                               THE SHOP OPENING

The opening of Ma’s Delicious Ice Cream Shoppe is a momentous event in the Hollow. Mayor Beasley gives his usual boring speech and the festivities are enjoyed by all. Ma is overjoyed at the first day’s ice cream sales and even more so when she realizes the first week’s sales far exceeded expectations. She knows that the business is going to be successful, for Ma’s ice cream is very special.

                                     THE MYSTERIOUS HERBAL PLANT

A few months before his death, Caleb Carney bought an old book in a used bookstore in the city. The book’s title was "The Qualities of the Analexium Fisticium Plant." It seems that the herbal plant has mysterious qualities. After reading the book, Caleb feels he has discovered a huge moneymaker for him and Lorna.

A short time thereafter, Caleb finds a distributor, orders this unique Analexium herb, and plants it in the field near the creek. Within a year it spreads like a weed. Boris notices that the cows are acting strangely after they graze on the mysterious herb. They are staggering around and banging into each other. He mentions it to his mother and she tells him not to pay any attention to it. She tells him the cows unusual behavior is harmless to them.

                                    Mabel Dotson is the owner of the town diner. One afternoon her friend, Paula, drops in to have a piece of Mabel’s delicious pie and a cup of coffee. The conversation soon turns to a mutual concern that they both have for their children. The kids are acting in a strange manner, and neither Mabel or Paula is able to understand why.

"It's another world look. I mean the girls are only seven and nine. It's like they are controlled by something way out there that I don't know anything about. When they get like that I am almost afraid of my own children. Isn't that crazy? Fearing my own kids."

Many of the elders in the Hollow soon become aware that something sinister is occurring in their town. As a reader, you will find yourself becoming lost in the pages of this gripping story, the town’s problem reaches crisis proportions. ( 9,694 words).

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