Discovery (A Col Sec Thriller Book 3)

Discovery (A Col Sec Thriller Book 3)
: Jan Domagala
: 292
: Fiction : Mystery
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Kurt Stryder, the hero of Ronin still struggling to make sense of the new changes in his life decides on a cruise on the Colonial Queen but even this leads him into further trouble.
A rich passenger persuades the Captain to take a diversion to the Tartaran Battlefield. Once the scene of one of the greatest battles between the Colonial Confederation and the Elysium Alliance, now a wasteland of derelict, abandoned husks of once great starships orbiting the planet below. It is now home to a colony of outcasts and dregs from every society known simply as, The Outlaws.
Kurt is thrown into a deadly race to save as many passengers as possible when the Outlaws attack and knowing he won’t save them all he calls for help.
The Wildfire Team, a new elite unit set up by Col Sec to handle the worst case scenario is dispatched to help Kurt but when they arrive all is not as it seemed.
A secret is discovered on the planet below, one that both the Confederation and Alliance alike had thought buried forever, a secret that could ignite another war between the two Superpowers should it be revealed.
Kurt and the Wildfire Team must fight side by side against insurmountable odds to save valuable lives. While in orbit above the planet, the two Superpowers flex their military might in a game of bluff and counter bluff.
Kurt finally learns where his path truly lies, and one final revelation will shock them all to the core which points to an old enemy waiting to strike again.

“A good old straightforward adventure story whose main intention is quite clearly to entertain it's readership.”
“A genuine roller coaster of a sci-fi ride.”
“Nicely written and widely imaginative futuristic universe.”

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