Sneaky Softball Pitching: Sneaky Pitching Tactics to Destroy a Hitter's Timing

Sneaky Softball Pitching: Sneaky Pitching Tactics to Destroy a Hitter's Timing
: Hal Skinner
: Productions
: 88
: Non Fiction : General
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The best fastpitch softball pitching strategy book around! Sneaky Softball Pitching contains the most sought after pieces of pitching advice in the game today.

Learn how to pitch faster within seconds. Get the secret of how to stun a batter into not swinging at all. Find out what every great pitcher needs to know about the mental game, and get detailed information about the foundation for building not only top speed, but most accuracy as well!

From the author: I am a self-taught pitcher. I learned to pitch by watching hundreds of adult male pitchers starting when I was 5-years-old. I saw the ones that won most of their games and the ones that weren't as good.

Most of the teams I played on were championship teams that won nearly all tourneys entered. We were champions because we did things in practice and in the games that the other teams did not do, did not do as well, or did not do nearly as often as we did. The things we did that others didn't is included in my book.

Unless your instructor was a champion pitcher at a high level, they cannot teach you most of what is in my book because they don't have the knowledge I have. They have not "been there and done that."

As a pitcher, I learned very early on how to win. I pitched differently and used strategies other pitchers did not . I used pitching tactics and was very good at it.

There are a lot of pitching books and DVDs out there. But I know this book is different because I made sure to include what was NOT in others.

Many of the chapters in this book were featured as editorials or instructional articles in Softball Magazine and/or the NFCA's Fastpitch Delivery newspaper.

What I did, what my teams did, and what my coaches did that set us apart from the rest and made us champions...all that is included for you right here in this book!

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